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Since Google has already revealed a great deal about its next OS via developer and public betas, the biggest mystery remaining is what it's planning to call the software. The search engine giant now displays Google video preview whenever you search anything.

Tech Radar argues that Android Oatmeal should be the name of the next variant of Android as it would turn over a new leaf for the company by adopting a healthier name for the operating system. Considering today's world that is more focused on healthier living, now would probably be the right time for Android to adopt a new way of life. Here's everything we need to know about Android O.

New notification dots have also been added which will flag when an app has an alert waiting to be addressed.

Notification Shade: In Android O, there is a little re-ordering of the toggles. The NYTimes Crosswords app doubled its number of sessions per user after it launched an instant app, said the blog post. Users can long tap on a text inside the address and the OS will automatically select the complete address.

On design part, Android O has introduced better keyboard support for better navigation between applications. With wide colour gamut (WCG) support, the smartphones will see apps more colours and expressions. In the meantime, check out the site for eclipse and Android O live streams. Under this new feature, users will be able to use certain apps over other apps. This is a new way to build Android for devices that relies on a "Vendor Interface" that talks to the hardware.

Android O is touching down to Earth with the total solar eclipse, bringing some super (sweet) new powers!

"On 21 August solar Eclipse will take place over the entire territory of the United States for the first time since 1918". Google will be livestreaming an unveiling event live from New York City at 2:40pm ET to coincide with the solar eclipse. According to a report by 9to5Google, the company posted the teaser video with the file name "GoogleOreo_Teaser".