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However, Elvis continued to tour, belting out the tunes in those infamous glittery jumpsuits. He died in Memphis on August 16, 1977.

Those impressive stats are seemingly aided each year by Presley's birthday and deathday - on which consumption of his music on the video platform rose 74% and 44% respectively last year, compared to the daily average for Elvis-style video streams.

Priscilla has recently spoken out about Elvis's death on the 40 anniversary, saying how the rock and roll legend probably wouldn't have lived much longer if that "fateful night" had never happened.

Fans from all different countries gathered this week to remember Elvis in Graceland.

Lisa Bseiso will be one of them. Presley died on August 16, 1977, in Memphis.

"Sometimes I'd just go there and go upstairs and stay there for like three days and not come down", she said in an interview with Variety.

Now, his great-grandmother makes Elvis suits for the young fan, just as she has done for Mr Pomare.

It was in 1960, when Elvis was returning from his national service, which saw him called up two years earlier despite his already stratospheric fame, that he found himself in South Ayrshire. "God took him back home, but he's still here". "You can't get any more - than that", said James.

Galaz, 45, said she especially loved Elvis' movie, Jailhouse Rock, as well as the song. "Before Elvis, there was nothing", John Lennon once said. The Candlelight Vigil has always been one of the few Elvis events in Memphis that pointedly is not that. "His music talks to you ... it has a spiritual meaning in his words".

Her friend and fellow club member, Amy McNeilan, said Elvis also was a part of her upbringing.

Ecstatic fans jostle to stand on the exact spot where he stood, and cradle and croon into the microphone he used, manically snapping photographs and tingling with delight. "We believe that Graceland and Elvis will be just as popular, if not more popular, 10, 20, 30, 40 years from now, and we're investing for that".

"This is monumental, this like touching the gates of heaven for me", says Kuschel. Anne Salamone came that day to share her grief and disbelief that Elvis was gone.