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That price gets you into one movie showing every single day at any theater in the USA that accepts debit cards (this does not include 3D or Imax showings). But what if you could see any movie you like, every day of the week, for just $9.99 a month?

Movie Pass was founded in 2011, and is now available in 91 percent of movie theaters in America.

Have you stopped going to the movies because it is just too expensive for a ticket?

However, the service hasn't really caught on with the theater industry - MoviePass is now operating in the red in order to become more popular and demonstrate it's a worthwhile service for theaters to support.

You can see one movie every 24 hours. But if you can complete the order, your golden ticket awaits. MoviePass' plan is to pay AMC its full ticket price without a discount. The company is planning to introduce couple and family plans in the future.

If you're interested in checking out MoviePass (and potentially doing a free two-week trial), you can do so by heading over to the main website. It also means you'll have to press your luck for tickets on opening night for hot new releases. There are no blackout dates and the service is available at 4,000 theaters nationwide. That information could later be used to target ads to subscribers. MoviePass, which started at $30 per month, is accepted at more than 90 percent of theaters in the United States.

MoviePass has actually been around for a few years.

Some theaters don't accept the passes, like art-house chain Landmark, but MoviePass claims that it can be used at 91% of theaters across the country for all movies except those shown on IMAX screens and/or in 3-D. Lowe also believes that after MoviePass has proved its value, movie theaters and studios will share part of their additional profits with his company, leading to a sustainable business model.

The company is guaranteeing its $9.95 price for 12 months. The average ticket price now hovers around $9, and when you factor in the over-priced popcorn and pop, a family outing can easily top $75.

According to Bloomberg Moviepass was able to take this risk after they sold a huge stake in the company to Helios And Matheson Analytics Inc on Tuesday.

The service, which the company says can be used in 91 percent of theaters, was founded in 2011 and a year ago had 20,000 subscribers, according to Deadline.