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Michael Flynn made a flurry of headlines Friday and Saturday, the most pressing of which was a New York Times report that investigators working for Robert Mueller asked the White House for documents related to the ex-national security adviser.

Flynn's former lobbying firm, the Flynn Intel Group, was paid $530,000 to represent Ekim Alptekin, a Turkish businessman, during the final months of the United States presidential campaign, according to foreign agent registration paperwork filed with the Justice Department.

Mr Flynn, a former lieutenant general in the USA army, failed to register as a foreign agent when Flynn Intel Group signed a $600,000 contract with Mr Alptekin's Dutch company Inovo BV in August 2016.

Taking money from Turkey or any foreign government is not illegal.

Flynn resigned after less than one month in office for failing to fully disclose the details of his December communications with the Russian ambassador in Washington to White House officials. But she says the president "has not even discussed" nor is "discussing" firing Mueller.

Mr. Flynn is at the centre of suspicions about a possible involvement of Russian.

Inovo BV signed the $600,000 contract with Flynn Intel Group to fund a propaganda campaign against Mr Gulen, but in the end only paid $530,000 when it failed to produce a negative video about the Turkish exile and carried out unsatisfactory research.

The lobbyist's spokeswoman Molly Toomey insisted they were refunds for unfulfilled work, telling the New York Times: "They were legal, ethical and above board".

Robert Mueller reportedly asked the White House for records on former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump has publicly warned Mueller that his financial dealings should be out of bounds and investigating them would cross a red line.

USA media has reported that Mueller is also said to be investigating Trump's financial records unrelated to Russian Federation or the election.