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Then there's the opinion he expressed on June 20: China has in fact worked hard on the issue of North Korea, but hasn't succeeded in solving it.

A senior Chinese trade official says the issue of China-U.S. trade should be kept separate from that of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

While China worries about North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, and the US reaction to them, its overriding concern, USA officials say, is to avoid a North Korean collapse, which could send millions of refugees fleeing toward China and lead to a reunified Korea allied with Washington.

China is exhausted of President Donald Trump's tweets, according to Chinese state media.

"They (the United States and North Korea) hold the primary responsibility to keep things moving, to start moving in the right direction, not China", he told a news conference at the end of China's month-long presidency of the Security Council.

GRAHAM: I'm saying it's inevitable unless North Korea changes, because you're making our president pick between regional stability and homeland security.

President Trump accused China of failing to rein in its ally, after the test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) last week brought Kim Jong-un's regime closer to having the capability to strike the U.S. mainland.

Trump said on Twitter that he is "very disappointed in China" for failing to stop the testing.

Chinese diplomats and the state news media have consistently argued that Washington and its allies should not rely so much on China to defuse tensions created by North Korea's growing nuclear weapons and missile capabilities.

China's ODI in countries and regions related to the Belt and Road Initiative slid by 3.6 percent year-on-year in the first half of 2017, far less than the overall decline, Qian said.

"In a way, the threat of sanctions is still a way of trying to find a political solution". Despite North Korea's recent missile tests - clear UNSC violations - it remains unclear whether China will support additional sanctions against North Korea or intends to veto efforts led by the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

Xinhua's editorial is a direct response to Trump's tweets targeting China over the weekend.

Evanina, whose office oversees US government efforts to counter spying, industrial espionage and other foreign intelligence threats, declined to be more specific but noted that China's direct investment in the United States quadrupled from 2015 to 2016, to $48 billion annually.

While the USA should remain open to foreign investment, the security threat posed by China's continued trade arrangements with North Korea justifies suspending approval of all CFIUS covered transactions where Chinese entities could gain a controlling interest.

Li's remarks came after Pyongyang test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile on July 28 that has a range to hit major United States cities. ".they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk".

If Trump doesn't act, it will be another sign to the North Koreans that they can do as they please with no consequences.