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Amazon Alexa will be available on Android starting Saturday.

Early this year, Amazon introduced Alexa to a larger audience by making the virtual assistant a feature which could be accessed on the Amazon app.

Looks like Alexa was just added to the Amazon app for Android! Amazon's proven time and time again that Alexa is one of the world's most powerful virtual assistants to-date, but is the company's shopping app the right place for it?

For the unaware, the company had already made Alexa available for iPhone in March, i.e., a few months ago.

Amazon has also recently started looking to hire more software developers and data associates in Santa Barbara to work on Alexa as it faces rising competition from the likes of Apple and Google.

Similar to the version of Alexa that ships with Amazon's range of Echo devices, Alexa on mobile can perform several voice-activated functions, such as answering basic questions or giving daily news via the Flash Briefing feature.

Amazon is likely relying on it's flagship retailer app's massive reach to market Alexa's capabilities to a bigger customer base, including those who don't know what Alexa is or what she does.

Alexa's presence in the Amazon Android app was first spotted by Twitter user Nick Schwab, and shortly after this sighting, Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch that Alexa will be rolling out to all Android users throughout the remainder of the week. They will be able to ask it about the weather, news, and more.