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The third iteration of the Spider-Man series directed by Jon Watts, "Spider-Man: Homecoming", swept local cinemas through the weekend, and is close to exceeding the 6 million ticket mark.

Technically, Peter Parker's character has been in the MCU since Iron Man 2, as Marvel Studios has now retconned the story by claiming a young boy in Iron Man 2 was in fact, Peter Parker. Peter Parker's Aunt May has got a major revamp in Spider-Man: Homecoming and is being played by Marisa Tomei, and there's no reason her husband (Uncle Ben is May's husband in the Marvel universe), shouldn't get an upgrade too.

Holland recently spoke to BBC Radio 1 to promote the film. Holland's Peter is 15 in the film, and if Maguire were to play Uncle Ben his age would work well with that idea.

Insomniac's Spider-Man is set for release on PlayStation 4 in 2018. "Endless details regarding the upcoming games including "Star Wars: "Episode VIII", "#Spider Man", and "Kingdom Hearts III", were revealed at the event.

"Homecoming" became this year's most viewed foreign film in South Korea in just 10 days after its opening, its local distributor said Sunday.

Michael Keaton's role as Vulture is definitely one of the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who have mostly been forgettable or not particularly interesting.

There are a lot of scenes and moments within the film that stand out as great whether they are comedic, action-oriented or dramatic. Negative, two villains that the wall-crawler will have to take on in the game. The film balances these elements really well.