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Caldwell-Pope is young and could look for a long-term deal with more money over the span of it, while Rondo is 31 and will probably wind up signing a one-year deal wherever he ends up going.

The Nets and Los Angeles Lakers have been linked with free-agent guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and there could be some movement this week. Nearly immediately after the Pistons renounced his rights and cap hold, rumors came from the Lakers that they would be interested in his services if he would be interested in a one-year balloon contract. Los Angeles had increased their push for the 24-year-old after the Pistons made him an unrestricted free agent a few days ago following the acquisition of Avery Bradley from the Boston Celtics. Caldwell-Pope was having the best season of his career, until a shoulder injury in January caused him to miss four games - and derailed the rest of his season.

Caldwell-Pope excited the Lakers because of his strong defense and shooting, according to the Los Angeles Times.

With the drafting of Duke shooting guard Luke Kennard, the Pistons viewed Caldwell-Pope as expendable and they rescinded the qualifying offer. His addition fits right into the Lakers' offseason plans of adding a veteran guard on a one-year deal while allowing them to keep their financial flexibility open for next summer.

Hopefully the Lakers don't ruin this by signing Rajon Rondo, although that appears to be their goal, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

After losing out on Otto Porter, the Brooklyn Nets had their eyes set on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. There had also been significant interest from several other teams across the league.

The Lakers President of Basketball Operations, Magic Johnson, seems to be highly confident in his new young core and has been actively involved since being hired for the position this year. A team of Ball, Caldwell-Pope, LeBron/George, Randle and Lopez.

The Lakers had just exercised their team option on Nwaba in late June. More specifically, the Lakers were one of the two teams that had more than $15 million in cap space.

The deal is a beneficial one for both sides.