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At Digital Dragons earlier this year, Oculus told us that the attach rate on Touch with new Rift purchases is almost 1:1 right now.

"With 500+ titles now available on Rift, plus more on the way, there's plenty to choose from".

When Oculus announced the Rift would launch at $599-or $799 with the motion-tracked Touch controllers-the Internet-at-large rioted.

Today's further 33 percent reduction in the price of a Rift/Touch hardware bundle makes high-end, PC-based VR a good deal more affordable than it was just a year ago.

That's another £200 off its initial price cut, and puts it within just £50 of Sony's PlayStation VR headset. More VR content and lower prices make the Rift a more attractive proposition, and Oculus says that more VR games from heavyweight publishers such as Epic Games and Ubisoft are also in the cards. The bundle that includes the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Oculus Touch controllers can now be yours for just $399.

The move by Oculus suggests that sales of its high-end VR gear have been sluggish.

When the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive originally hit the market past year, HTC's more expensive headset had a big edge thanks to its ability to deliver room-scale VR experiences that let you freely walk around virtual environments.

"Now is a good time for us to drive that next tranche of users into the hardware."

If there's a magical price for selling game consoles, it's somewhere south of $400. Together, the two are sold as part of a bundle for around $820.

Nevertheless, if you want to support the Facebook corporatocracy, feel free to pick up the Rift for only $399.

Facebook's Oculus is trying to get more customers to buy into virtual reality with a summer bargain. Those price cuts were made as the Rift reached its first birthday.

And Facebook's purchase of Oculus in 2014 wasn't cheap either.