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At a time when New Delhi is vigilant of Beijing's slightest of moves amid the two neighbours' longest border standoff, China has again reacted aggressively, this time in the Indian Ocean.

While India claims Sikkim border as part of its territory, China has said that the area falls on their side as per the 1890 treaty signed between British and China.

India and China are both reported to have deployed some 3,000 troops to the area.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that although "the Indian government has confirmed its stance on the China-Sikkim border many times in the past through documents, Indian forces have trespassed the non-disputed border; so India has violated the principles of the UN Charter and worldwide law, which is extremely serious".

"The area in contention is extremely close to a very vulnerable stretch of Indian territory that effectively connects the bulk of India to its northeastern states", Shashank Joshi, senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London told CNN. China, however, has sought to obscure its aggression by blaming India for the confrontation by not respecting the trijunction points and the boundary between Tibet and the Indian state of Sikkim, which is also contiguous to Bhutan. It rapidly escalated after Delhi and Thimphu opposed road construction by Beijing along the border that belongs to Bhutan, but claimed by Beijing.

India is now raising an 80,000-strong mountain strike corps and carrying out a massive infrastructure building plan along its almost 3,500-kilometer border with China. "The action taken by India is a betrayal of the position taken by the Indian governments", Geng said, adding that India needs to respect the treaty and immediately recall troops from Doka La. "In self-defense, Chinese troops launched two destructive counterattacks against the Indian side", Wang wrote.

"With its armed forces overstepping the defined boundary, the Indian side has breached the historical convention and gone against the UN Charter and the basic principles of worldwide law".

Xinhua has now claimed that Indo-China bilateral relations will be affected if India deviates from "the consensus on developing China-India relations", NDTV quoted the official news agency of the Chinese government as reporting. China has called the action just since Donglong "is on Chinese territory".

On Indian defence minister Arun Jaitley's remarks that India of 2017 is different from what it was during the war with the communist nation in 1962, Geng said China too is different and will take "all necessary measures" to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.

China, this June, barred the entry of more than 300 Indian Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.

"The two countries have aligned their interests in defence cooperation and counter-terrorism". Bhutan lodged a protest with China on June 20. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government India has all but abandoned any pretense of "strategic autonomy" and transformed itself into a frontline state in the U.S. drive against China.

Bhutan has no diplomatic ties with China. However, this time round the transgression is more serious than ever before. These rogue manoeuvres were last time visible in 2008, when it razed some makeshift Indian bunkers in the area.