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On Monday, a spokesperson for Theresa May said the government is "not aware of any plans for President Trump to visit the U.K.in the next few weeks", but those opposed to Trump's presence in the country are ready to mobilize at short notice in order to make sure their message is delivered to the US president.

Government officials have hinted that the President is expected to stop at Turnberry, his golf resort in Scotland, while Theresa May's team are said to be on standby for Trump's arrival at Downing Street.

The Guardian newspaper reported last month that Trump had told May that he doesn't want to come to Britain if there will be protests. It is likely it will be hastily... Sarah Huckabee Sanders described them as "not accurate," whereas Theresa May's spokesperson told journalists, "I am not aware of any plans for the president to visit the U.K.in the next few weeks". RT if you're willing to commit to protesting this bigot at short notice ✊.

Donald Trump is planning to sneak into Britain to avoid protests.

News of the potential visit put protesters on "standby" with several prominent lefties urging people to march against the Republican leader.

It was rumoured he would visit the United Kingdom on his way to France to meet Emmanuel Macron on July 14, after he said he did not want to do his state visit as long as the threat of huge protests loomed, effectively postponing it indefinitely.

The Government has insisted a separate and contentious state visit to Britain will go ahead despite it not being listed in the Queen's Speech.

During the general election campaign, Mr Flynn wrote to the Prime Minister asking her to cancel or postpone the invitation given there was "widespread talk of impeachment" surrounding Mr Trump.

Asked whether the mooted state visit would take place during 2017, the PM's spokesman said: "We have extended an invitation, it has been accepted and we will set out plans in due course".

The White House did not respond immediately to a request for comment.