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"I've been carrying signs for single payer long before I was in Congress, and long before numerous people advocating for single payer were born", Pelosi said.

The Republicans' push to reduce government's role in healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare has emboldened progressive politicians and activists to promote the exact opposite, a single-payer system in which the government would completely run a health system which would automatically be available to every American, USA Today reports. I think she's grandstanding with her NY elitists to position herself for 2020, as a spokesperson for the extreme left and she's out of touch with the people of MA.

"We talk about how the middle class has just taken one punch after another for almost 40 years now. And it would cost $400 billion, and more than half that money would come, if they could even get that money, from the Affordable Care Act", Pelosi said.

While the city of Lowell voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, Trump carried four of the five other towns in the area. "We don't have that", she added. The Republican opposition research group America Rising has called her "a major priority" and has launched a project called The Elizabeth Warren Initiative, with the stated goal of "making Warren's life hard during her 2018 Senate re-election contest".

Blocking the GOP rollback of provisions in the Affordable Care Act, Ms. Warren said, is not enough.

But on Tuesday, Warren went on-record with a slam dunk of a progressive stance: Democrats must campaign heavily in 2018 and 2020 for single-payer, medicare-for-all healthcare. In the piece, Warren said that President Obama constructed his strategy for the ACA from a conservative model, but that if Democrats hope to win in upcoming elections, they should focus on the healthcare golden goose of single payer. "It's that we haven't gotten up there and been as clear about our values as we should be, or as clear and concrete about how we're going to get there". "It's not like we're trying to sell stuff that people don't want", Warren said.

According to Seattle Times, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a faction of the Left of which Sanders and Warren are often associated, agree with the idea of single payer.