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Once Sony's vinyl pressing capabilities are operational the company may consider making records for third parties, the report says.

Sony has not confirmed which titles are in line to be pressed as part of its new production stream.

According to the Japan Times, Sony subsidiary Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. has installed vinyl presses and record cutting machines in a factory south-west of Tokyo, with new records due to start flowing to markets during this fiscal year.

The Japanese giant stopped making vinyl records in 1989, a company spokesman said, as consumers flocked to compact discs and other emerging music technology. Record-cutting is a precise art, therefore, Sony is now hiring a number of old record engineers.

Interest has come from a younger generation of customers who never used records prior to now as well as the older fans who are used to having turntables.

The album lineup is to include popular older songs, mainly Japanese music to which Sony holds the rights, as well as the latest hit albums.

If all goes as expected, vinyl record sales will exceed the billion-dollar milestone by the end of this year.

The firm will start producing records in spring 2018 with reissues and new music on the agenda. But vinyl sales began to pick up about ten years ago, and double-digit growth in demand since then has resulted in a global manufacturing capacity shortfall.

Sony will release records from its artists, older songs to which it owns the rights and take orders from outside labels.