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However, with its blend of action, spooks and laughs, some nicely filmed sequences and a decent effort by Cruise, this latest "Mummy" is, like numerous other recent big-budget, more worth seeing than not. Cruise is the big name in Universal's opening effort to establish a cinematic universe around its classic monster characters (see sidebar), and investing in his star power is probably a smart move when it comes to reaching global audiences.

Universal has long wanted to reboot its classic Monsters - like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Creature of the Black Lagoon - but its attempts, such as 2014's "Dracula Untold" and 2010's "The Wolfman", flopped hard.

So despite the fun critics are having with the movie, Kurtzman may be getting the last laugh by Monday morning.

Director Alex Kurtzman does a decent job with the film's tone, keeping it light and humorous, but the only thing at stake seems to be the future of the Dark Universe, which means more to Universal's bottom line than it does to modern audiences. Or something else entirely? The inaugural film in the recently titled Dark Universe is "The Mummy" and it's creeping into theaters this weekend. They quickly find themselves on an ancient burial ground along with Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), a would-be love interest for Nick, whom the script flips by having their sexual falling out occur off-screen, before we first meet them.

The first reviews of the new The Mummy movie are in - and they're mostly pretty negative. And why has Russell Crowe, an Academy Award-winning actor, been reduced to playing a forgettable Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character?

After uncovering a centuries-old sarcophagus, Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) unwittingly unleashes Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) on the world in The Mummy. Universal's Dark Universe could have used a stronger start out of the gate but the good news for this franchise is there's plenty of room for improvement, especially with the beloved monsters the studio has in its arsenal.

Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton, a soldier and antiquities thief who, along with his snarky pal, Chris ("New Girl's" Jake Johnson), happens upon an ancient Egyptian burial site following a skirmish in Iraq. We get Tom Cruise and that should be considered a trade up. Let the Monster Maniacs know what you think in the comment section below.

Even with its conflicting tonality, The Mummy still works as an epic action, adventure movie. I should mention I have yet to see "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back", which I hear was not very good, but the ones I have seen, I've really enjoyed. The rest of the action, even a highly touted airplane-crash stunt that Cruise insisted on performing himself, is mediocre, and without a truly threatening villain, none of it feels particularly consequential.