They told the Seattle Times she was concerned authorities would take her children, one of whom has Down syndrome. Lyles' friends and family wondered aloud how police could shoot and kill a mother in front of her children.

#CharleenaLyles was pregnant, called the police to report a burglary. They calmly discuss an X-Box video game console being taken and roughly 15 seconds later, officers could be heard saying "Get back!"

"There were several children inside the apartment at the time of the shooting, but they were not injured", a police statement read.

The officers were responding to Lyles' call reporting an attempted burglary. Her family members also stated that she was three months pregnant and had long struggled with her mental illness. She was released from jail Wednesday on certain conditions, according to King County jail records.

Michaud said officers are required to carry a less-lethal option and have a choice between a Taser, baton or pepper spray. This moment before Charleena Lyles' death exemplifies why distrust for the police is so high among racial minorities, particularly black Americans and Latinos.

During the June 5 incident, Lyles spoke about wanting to "morph into a wolf" and made "several unusual religious comments talking about how the police officers were devils and also members of the KKK", Officer Davidson Lim wrote in a police report. Lyles was arrested on charges of harassment, obstruction of a public official and harassment of a law enforcement officer.

The two officers had gone to Charleena Lyles' apartment on Sunday after she reported a burglary.

The Seattle Police Department has been under scrutiny by the US Justice Department following a report five years ago that found officers too often used excessive force. But Lyles' family have criticized officers' decision to use deadly force, as opposed to less-lethal options like a taser.

- Police said Lyles was armed with one or more kitchen knives, but they have not said whether she directly threatened the officers.

Florida Carroll holds her grandson Quayvis Carroll as they visit a memorial for a woman set up outside an apartment building at Magnuson Park in Seattle on Sunday, June 18, 2017. Monika Williams, Lyles's sister, asked.

The Seattle Police Department has not confirmed the identities of the officers or their races. Both officers opened fire, striking the woman several times. On the audio tape, the officers - both of whom are white - can be heard discussing Lyles' previous calls to the police and known mental health issues. She confronted them with a knife, authorities said.

The initial conversation between the pregnant woman and the two Seattle police officers seemed polite, professional and calm. They take down her contact information and confirm what was stolen.

The dead woman was identified as 30-year-old Charleena Lyles by family members - who said she had four children and was expecting a fifth.

Lyles' cousin, Kenny Isabell, pastor of The Way of Holiness Church of God in Seattle, described Lyles as depressed but not violent.

The video from the apartment hallway has no audio, but shows the officers entering the apartment.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, in a statement Sunday afternoon, called the incident "a tragedy for all involved". "This will be fully investigated", Murray said.

He added that the investigation will be reviewed by a federal monitoring team supervising a consent decree involving the Seattle Police Department. I would've honestly preferred police to consider even backing out of the apartment and reassessing the situation instead of using lethal force.