The defense spent much of its cross-examination Wednesday morning seeking to sow doubt about Constand's account of the attack and her relationship with Cosby.

On Wednesday, Constand provided details on prior one-on-one encounters with Cosby, which Agrusa questioned why Constand had not disclosed to Canadian police - including a fireside dinner in Cosby's home in which he reached to unbutton her trousers, and also a moment on Cosby's hotel bed at a casino where Constand claimed Cosby had fallen asleep while they were both sitting on the bed.

"No, he was sorry for what he did", Gianna Constand shot back. I kept asking him what he gave her.

"And I said, 'Promise me you are gonna send me the name of the medication and he said yes". Another problem for many survivors is that they're typically asked to testify at trial, which not everyone is willing to do; recounting a horrific event is already traumatic enough, let alone doing so while a defense attorney tries to tell jury members why they shouldn't believe a survivor. After Constand's testimony on Tuesday, Cosby shouted his famous Fat Albert catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey" to bystanders.

The attorney who is representing the slew of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault was kicked out of court after her cell phone rang during the proceeding. "He called me "mom" throughout the entire call and said, 'Don't worry mom, there was no penile penetration".

Thirty years old at the time, Constand was director of women's basketball at Temple University, where Cosby sat on the board of trustees.

Gianna Constand said she confronted Cosby by phone during a two-hour call in which she said he "surrendered" to her about the sexual encounter and told her he "was sick".

"No, ma'am, he never said a word to me", Constand replied.

The former Temple University employee told the court that, after taking the pills, her legs became "rubbery", adding, "I don't really remember passing out".

"I would ask her Andrea, what are you thinking about?" she said.

Defense attorneys have pointed to inconsistencies in Constand's testimony and questioned why she waited a year to report the alleged assault to police. Though her cross-examination was scattered and slow, and, all things considered, probably easier than it might have been, Constand has nonetheless been a remarkable example of what it takes to stand up to the essential difficulty of this dynamic, in which an alleged victim, after being forced to participate in a sexual encounter, is implicated by the fact that the sexual encounter occurred. Cosby's distinctive voice echoed through the courtroom when the tape of the call with Andrea's mother Gianna Constand was played.

"My reaction was, I was very upset and angry", she told the courtroom.

After she was excused, prosecutors sought to call Johnson's mother to bolster her testimony.

Agrusa struggled during her questioning of Constand, often getting dates, locations and details of Constand's statements to police wrong.

"My dress was pulled up from the bottom", she said, "and it was pulled down from the top".

Ms Constand managed the women's basketball team at Temple, Cosby's alma mater, while he was a high-profile trustee.

Agrusa suggested to Constand that perhaps her client apologized for upsetting her, or because he "had been in a relationship" with her daughter.

At times, Agrusa framed her questions as statements rather than questions, compelling Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill to interject and remind the jury that an attorney's questions to a witness are not evidence, and only the answers are.