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"It's quite unusual for these EU-China summits to produce a bold diplomatic statement, so this is pretty unprecedented, and it's a sign of the commitment of both sides to continuing to work on climate mitigation", Hilton said.

The European Union has pledged to bypass Trump administration to work with US business leaders and state governors to implement the historic accord's commitments.

During a trip to Europe this week, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi expressed India's commitment to fighting climate change and said it would be a "crime" to spoil the environment for future generations. The document will stress the dangers posed by rising temperatures "as a national security issue and multiplying factor of social and political fragility", while acknowledging that the transition to clean energy creates jobs and economic growth.

"China is not hugely practiced, I have to say, at asserting multilateral diplomatic leadership", Hilton said.

Juncker told the business conference on Friday that China and the European Union recognised the need for global solutions and this was nowhere more important than full implementation of the Paris agreement."There is no reverse gear to energy transition".

While Trump said the United States would be willing to rejoin the accord if it could obtain more favorable terms, the three European leaders said the agreement cannot be renegotiated, "since it is a vital instrument for our planet, societies and economics".

The official told reporters that the European Union and China will also "spell out" how they plan to meet their commitments to the landmark worldwide accord to fight global warming at talks in Brussels on Friday.

Responding to President Donald Trump's decision to pull the USA out of the Paris climate agreement, the European Union is considering taking economic measures that could include halting trade talks, forging closer ties with Russian Federation, and imposing heavy carbon taxes on United States exports.

A person present at the talks said that China had insisted on having a specific reference in a concluding text on the WTO issue.

And while China's commitment keeps the Paris deal alive, it could struggle without USA support to persuade the rest of the world to live up to its promises.

A day after Trump rejected the Paris agreement, the European Union and Chinese leaders repeated their support for the deal.

France, Germany and Italy have mooted the idea of allowing the EU to block Chinese investment in Europe, partly because European companies are denied similar access in China and because of risks of China acquiring prized European technology.In reply, Li said China was working hard to promote a trade balance, with Chinese tourism to Europe now far greater than EU tourism in China.

Still, countries in Asia and beyond also are seizing opportunities of doing ever bigger business with China's growing economy, destined to become the world's largest.

China is already the world leader in solar and wind investments. "We need to uphold multilateral rules", the premier said. "We are living in times of global uncertainty and see that we have a responsibility to expand our partnership in all the different areas and to push for a world order based on law".