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"I don't see any other way to get it done on time, and we all want to get it done on time", Gazelka said. Republicans who control the Legislature had previously said they were trying to strike a compromise on the language.

But they will need more time to complete the job.

"It's been the strangest end of session in my 15 years in the legislature", Thissen said. They say this is the biggest tax cut bill in 18 years.

But none of that will happen quickly.

Dayton, a DFLer, and House Speaker Kurt Daudt joined Gazelka at the news conference just outside the governor's office.

The Legislature missed another deadline this morning as they blew through a self-imposed goal to pass the remaining budget bills by 7 a.m. State commissioners huddled privately with committee chairs to haggle over details in budgets. Democrats refused to sign an agreement to extend the special session, and Republican senators faced losing some senators to other commitments if the session stretched on much longer. They're fights Republicans and Democrats have waged all session - and in sessions past. Dayton and Republican lawmakers' biggest disagreements has been over how much to spend on which preschool programs and how to spend it. But the breaks would reduce Social Security income taxes, offer student loan debt relief and cut sales taxes on premium cigars.

The public safety measure also makes it a gross misdemeanor crime to obstruct traffic "entering, exiting, or on" a freeway, or a roadway within the bounds of airport property. Dayton hoped to create a new funding stream, but Republicans have stood firm on the notion that existing resources should cover the cost.

Health and human services spending is likely where Dayton and Republicans are furthest apart. And the Legislature faced a logistical crunch to get those bills drafted - a process that can take up to 10 hours for some bills - and ready for final votes in both chambers. Not a ideal outcome timing-wise, but not bad for government work.

Asked what the fate of that measure would be, Daudt just smiled. "I use the tax bill as an example". "Shame on us. Shame on the governor".

Lawmakers anxious about those details.

"We believe that most of what they propose is going to result in real cuts, in real programs, to real people", he said this week.

If Dayton signs the bill, as he initially stated he would, it would strengthen the unjust ban on undocumented immigrants' obtaining drivers licenses.

"The buffer stuff is huge", House Environment Chairman Dan Fabian, R-Roseau, said.

The Senate and House passed the most recent higher education funding bill Sunday, which would allocate $1.3 billion to the University between 2017 and 2019, a $54.6 million increase from the last biennium. But that still leaves a mountain of work to finish assembling a $46 billion, two-year budget.

Dayton and Republicans were close to accord on other areas of the budget.

Under a veto threat from the governor, Sen.

Dayton had deemed expanding a preschool program launched previous year into more schools a must-have in the budget, funding Republicans resisted.

The measure was inspired by the highway and airport protests that arose after police shot two black men in separate Minnesota instances previous year.

After years of debate, the Legislature also legalized Sunday alcohol sales.

The Minnesota House and Senate sat empty all day and all night Tuesday after top leaders made a midnight deal on the outlines of the $45-billion state budget.

As they marched through the halls and into the hearing, they chanted, "Governor Dayton, meet with us".

Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, defended the provision. "I haven't sensed that today".