"The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end", Trump told the annual National Rifle Association convention, part of a drumbeat of events created to herald his 100th day in office on Saturday.

The political landscape has changed dramatically with a president now in the White House friendly to the gun industry and gun rights. "I am deeply blessed that the people from the Commonwealth sent me to Washington to fight for them, and that's what I'll keep on doing".

He was endorsed by the NRA in May and spoke at their convention at the time. Elizabeth Warren - may threaten gun rights in 2020.

"It may be Pocahontas, remember that", Trump said, using a derogatory nickname referencing Warren's past unsubstantiated claims that she was part-Cherokee, which she said were based off of family accounts.

"In the history of the organization and today I am also proud to be the first sitting president to address the NRA leadership forum since our wonderful Ronald Reagan in 1983", Trump said.

The conference convened at the Georgia World Congress Center, just a few miles south of the June 20 congressional run-off between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Georgia's former Republican Secretary of State Karen Handel.

During his speech, Trump also took a softer jab at Sen.

About 10,000 people were in attendance to hear President Trump - but as many as 80,000 are expected at the convention this weekend.

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump repeatedly derided Warren, who frequently stumped for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He also chose a Supreme Court justice that advocated for gun reform.

Ryan McGonigal is an NRA-certified safety instructor in Colorado, who says his workload has stayed consistent into this year, despite expectations it would slow down into spring. Don't even think about it, don't even think about it, don't even think about it.

During his speech to the crowd of almost 10,000, President Trump boldly proclaimed, "You came through for me and I'm going to come through for you".

So far, Trump has come through in modest ways.

This is a refreshing change from Barack Obama's anti-gun diatribes. She later added that "This includes dismantling the criminal background check system, making gun silencers more accessible, and - their ultimate goal - passing 'Concealed Carry Reciprocity'".

If Trump truly comes through for the NRA, it could mean devastating things for Americans.

But Trump remained undeterred, insisting that sooner or later one of his signature campaign issues will be realized.

Playing to the political interests of the NRA crowd, Trump outlined a series of actions he's taken that he said were created to protect gun rights, such as nominating Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.