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At the TED conference today, Elon Musk gave a first look at the underground tunnels his new company, The Boring Company, is shooting to develop in the future.

The system involves elevators that bring the auto down from surface streets on a platform that's equipped with maglev technology.

The concept includes street-level platforms that functioned as elevators to lower cars down to an underground series of tunnels crisscrossing Los Angeles.

Drivers would descend into the tunnels on a platform called a "skate". While this seemed like the usual What If thought Musk dispatches to the Twitterverse, it seems he's actually going into the tunnel business with his adorably-named new venture, The Boring Company. "There's a challenge of flying cars in that they'll be quite noisy". At the moment, he is only giving the tunnels about 2 or 3 percent of his attention and Tesla employees and interns are only working part-time on the project.

We don't mean bore in the sense of making you fall asleep, but rather the activity of digging out tunnels using giant machinery - as we're seeing used in London for the ongoing Crossrail project.

With Tesla, Musk achieved something that many doubted was possible - he built a successful vehicle startup that could compete with Detroit manufacturers. Musk and The Boring Company are aiming to build a better boring machine - one that can dig a tunnel and reinforce its walls at the same time - to speed up the process. Christian Schmitz, head of IG Metall's Trier branch, said concessions made by Tesla to guarantee jobs were encouraging but they were not the collective guarantees customary among German unionized workforces.

He said that his vision was to have "no limits" to the amount of tunnels, but to find ways to cut the cost of boring and to speed up how quickly such tunnels could be created.

He even proposed a name - The Boring Co. - and a slogan: "Boring, it's what we do". Musk said he wants to take the machine apart and figure out to how to make it faster and more efficient.

"You can alleviate any degree of congestion with a 3D tunnel network", he said referring to a visualization he showed at the conference.