Senior reporter and copy editor Cheyenne Schoen and Living Editor Rachel Rippetoe are not too fond of Starbucks' new unicorn drink. The drink starts off fruity and ends a little sour. It's topped with a swirl of whipped cream sprinkled with more pink and blue powder.

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Tacoma Starbucks baristas said Thursday the drink that mixes blue and pink colors along with sweet and sour flavors is no sweat to make. His rant continued, pleading with Starbucks customers to order a different drink.

There's no better way to celebrate one of life's biggest moments than with a Unicorn Frappuccino.

On the bright side for these baristas: The drink is only available through Sunday. This anxiety stemmed from the Unicorn Frappuccino looking like something that is exclusively made for 13-year-olds. Participating stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will offer the drink through the end of the week. It barely tasted like anything more than flavored water, and I was struck by a thought: If you're going to sell something that looks like a rainbow, shouldn't it at least taste unique?

Adeline Waugh, the food stylist who is also behind the recent "mermaid toast" phenomenon, unintentionally started the unicorn frenzy past year.

To my amazement, the drink looked as pink, blue and swirly as it did in the advertisements. Similar to the Starbucks frappuccino, there is no coffee in Sweet Frostings' drink.

And while most people still really want to try the drink some people have called "diabetes in a cup", Burson may have actually gotten through to a few people. There's no doubt this is a well-made product, it's just not a tasty one.

"I just had it with the sour (blue drizzle) and I have to admit that I like it".

I know I should not care about this drink.