Authorities received a tip late Wednesday night that the pair may have taken up residence in the woods in Siskiyou County, perhaps for more than a week, bureau spokesman Josh DeVine said. Elizabeth was right behind him, and she was taken into federal custody. The Tennessee attorney said that the teen was severe traumatized emotionally, but is in the process of an evaluation and treatment.

Barry said the pair told him their names were John and Joanna and they needed money for food, gas and a place to stay, ABC News Good Morning America reported Friday (

After Barry's tip, Cummins and Thomas were apprehended early Thursday. I was kind of telling some people, you know, she never really looks at me and she's always talking for her. Cummins described his relationship with Elizabeth to other students, according to school investigative files, as "a close and best friend".

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Cummins remains in the custody of the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department without bond while he awaits extradition to Tennessee to face charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor.

Yesterday, he said, Cummins and Elizabeth helped him fish rocks out of the creek. He said the girl was at times "laughing, crying and acting stoic" after police found her at the remote cabin.

Cummins is in custody facing federal charges for transporting a minor over state lines for the goal of sex.

In the days before he allegedly abducted his 15-year-old student, Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins refilled a prescription for Cialis, took out a loan for quick cash and made hotel reservations in another state, actions investigators believe show he was planning to leave with the girl.

In this case, Cummins reportedly told students at the school that Elizabeth "had been through a lot and suffered an abusive home life". "The two obviously have a relationship. her response to us and to law enforcement escalated up and down". The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation received the tip around 11 p.m. Wednesday and the caller pointed authorities to a cabin in Cecilville, a rural area near the OR border with little to no cell service, TBI Public Information Officer Joshua Devine said.

Friday, Elizabeth Thomas's family attorney released a statement that said she was reunited with her family and in a safe location.

-- 2:10 p.m. The school district of a missing Tennessee student who was found with her teacher in California says it is continuing its efforts to better respond to accusations of misconduct at school.

Cummins will be held in California until he is extradited to the state of Tennessee.

He said the neighbor noticed the man was acting odd and remembered a news article on the internet about the missing girl. Cummins and the teen also visited a Walmart in the Oklahoma Panhandle city of Guymon on March 16, and he rented a one-bed motel room in Guymon on March 16 and 17, a criminal complaint filed in federal court Thursday alleges.