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As Steimke gets closer to the auto, he notices the driver waving his hand out of the window in an attempt to get the truck driver's attention.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed the incident, but the agency was unaware of any video posted online. Other drivers got in front of the truck to force it to stop, but the truck continued on for at least four miles.

Witnesses said they thought the vehicle had been dragged for miles, but CHP officials said the Maxima had been dragged for "approximately.7 of a mile".

Another vehicle appears to have stopped the big rig by getting in front of the truck.

The driver of the smaller 1996 Nissan Maxima auto was not seriously injured but his vehicle suffered a lot of damage after being dragged for more than four miles. "It just doesn't happen, but then again, the semi doesn't just keep driving", said Steimke. The truck was pulling a pair of pup trailers loaded with goods from Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield, and the Nissan was wedged under the rearmost trailer's driver's side wheels.

"I didn't know it", the driver responds.

'What do you mean you didn't know it dude?' a surprised Steimke asked.

The truck, which was labeled Mike Lowrie Transport of Dixon, outside Sacramento, was hauling two containers labeled Grimway Farms.