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Starting today, your Google Home speaker can be made to remember six different users, and differentiate them by voice alone. Each time you will utter a phrase, the neuronal network will compare the sounds you produce to the previous analysis, to decide whether it's you who is addressing it or your child or partner. Apparently this takes place on your device in only a matter of milliseconds.

The update is rolling out to all U.S. Google Home users and will expand to the United Kingdom, where Google Home only recently launched, in the coming months. By the time Google Home launches here, we should hopefully have quite the complete home assistant. Rumors that Alexa was going to implement voice recognition have been swirling for some time, but it appears that Google beat them to it this time around. Setting up recognized users requires that people log into the speakers using Google's Home app for iOS and Android.

The news of Google Home being able to support multiple accounts should not come as a surprise to close followers of the intelligent assistant. While Home can still give everyone general information and trivia via the Knowledge Graph (and more erratic "featured snippets"), it can only create appointments and do other user-specific stuff for one designated Google account. Then, look for a card that says "multi-user is available" and if you can't find it, click the icon in the upper right to locate your connected devices, and make sure to link your account. There's also a short "training" process that requires each person to say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" twice.

Google says Home will be able to answer personal questions for topics like your schedule, shopping lists, news and podcasts, photos, information about your commute, your calendar and Uber account. From there, you'll teach the Google Assistant to recognize your voice by repeating short phrases like, "OK Google", and "Hey, Google".

The move will help differentiate Google Home from Amazon's Echo, which can't do the same thing yet.