It's been a long journey for April the giraffe and the millions who waited to watch her give birth live online.

Millions have watched since the the animal park first began to live stream the pregnant ungulate on February 10.

It's been more than a month since the park shared the news of April's impending birth with the world, via social media. He or she is expected to weigh around 150 pounds and will stand about 6 feet tall.

Keeping the calf "would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species", the Animal Adventure Park's website says. At the time of the birth, 1.25 million people were watching the livestream. April will naturally raise the calf and it will be weaned after about six to ten months. The father is a 5-year-old giraffe named Oliver.

The YouTube page on Saturday showed April going into labor and the hooves of the baby first emerging from the standing mother. Her fans have always been watching the zoo's live stream since February, eagerly awaiting the moment she'll give birth to her fourth calf.

The calf arrived on the day income taxes are traditionally due in the U.S. (though this year they're due on April 18), so get your tax-related names ready for the eventual online naming contest. The park is set to open on May 13, 2017.

A contest will be held to decide on a name for the calf.

In comparison, the inauguration of Donald Trump - the most live streamed event ever - peaked at 4.6 million concurrent viewers, according to TechCrunch.