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Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Thursday told Agence France Presse, in an interview quoted by global media that a gas attack blamed on his government last week in Idlib province was "100 percent fabrication". The Syrian army rejected the accusations and blamed militants and their patrons for the attack.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said an alleged poison gas attack blamed on his government last week in Idlib province was "100 per cent fabrication" used to justify a U.S. air strike, news agency AFP reported. The accusation comes after the US accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against civilians and responded with a cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase.

A cloud of thick white smoke covered the area after the strike before it turned yellow, the statement further said, noting that tens of people, including a large number of local villagers, were killed after inhaling high volumes of toxic fumes spread in the targeted area. "A fire at the site continued until 22:30 (19:30 GMT)".

Russian Federation says and its ally Russian Federation deny Damascus carried out any such chemical attack.

On Wednesday (Thursday NZT), Damascus ally Russian Federation vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to condemn the attack and push the Syrian government to cooperate with investigators.

"[Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman] has seen the reports from SANA alleging @CJTFOIR strikes near Deir Ezzor Weds-not true!" "The Syrian claim is incorrect and likely intentional misinformation". This report has not been confirmed by coalition officials.

"The Russian Defense Ministry does not have information confirming reports of people's deaths and the nature of the destruction caused by the worldwide coalition airstrikes in the Deir ez-Zor area".

He added that drones had been sent to the region to monitor the situation. The CoI's mandate is to investigate violations of human rights and global humanitarian law occurring in the Syrian armed conflict, regardless of the perpetrator.

Assad said Syria would only allow an "impartial" investigation into the poison gas incident.

In a statement issued early this morning, the Syrian military holds that the results of this attack prove that terrorists possess chemical weapons.

The data of the Syrian army "calls under question and maybe even refutes" the USA claims that the Syrian government is behind the use of chemical weapons in Idlib, Ozerov's deputy said.

US Air Force Colonel John Dorrian, a spokesman for the coalition, said it had carried out no air strikes in that area at that time. The strike had been requested by "partnered forces" in the fight against Islamic State in Syria, who had identified the target location as an Islamic State fighting position.

In the last month predominately Kurdish alliance of several fighting groups has managed to surround the Isis stronghold of Tabqa with support from the US-led coalition.