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And not all of those enhancements fall under the creative bucket. I have asked Microsoft for clarification on the exact date of that iteration reaching end of life support but it should be around June 10, 2017.

Microsoft is focusing on providing 3D tools for the masses. In apps, you can now control the installation behaviour of apps, allowing or blocking installation from un-verified sources, for instance.

In Photos, you can draw on photos and videos with virtual markers and share your creations with friends. You can draw inside the Maps app, too.

Bug fixes and minor improvements are expected to be added to build 15063 before the public release as well, so you'll probably need to update again anyway next month. The bad news for Microsoft, however, is that most often that browser is Google's Chrome, rather than Microsoft's own Edge.

What you will see is the ability to preview visual thumbnails of your open tabs by hovering over a given tab. This could be useful, say, if you need to return to a work project. "You could have a number of Windows services running, we don't know if that's part of the game or not, that the game's calling into", Kevin Gammill, a partner group program manager for Xbox, told PCGamer in an interview.

While you're in the browser, you can read an eBook.

While Mehdi admits that not every Windows user may now be dying to create their own 3D models or virtual reality videos quite yet, he believes that adding these features helps Microsoft pave the way for the day when we all will. Don't worry, there's still a way you can upgrade from Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 for free - although you'll have to challenge your moral compass.

The new Windows Defender Security Center now does more than just display the standard virus and malware threat protection, and now also shows the health of the system.

The Settings app, which succeeded the Control Panel we had seen in Windows 7 for example, has been tweaked to add two new features-Apps and Gaming.

Microsoft is giving a lot of love to gamers. While that already happens to a some degree on PCs, Game Mode is created to do a better job of it. Game Mode dedicates more resources, such as memory and processing power, to your PC games. The Creators Update will also include a new Game Mode, 3D Paint, mixed reality headsets support, and picture-in-picture mode as well.

Go to the Start Menu, to Settings (the cog icon), then to Network & Internet → WiFi. With Game Bar, a gamer can take screenshots and record gaming moments.

Microsoft has also expanded a device's possible "active hours", so the updates don't try to install themselves when users are still working.

The Creators update brings improvements to Microsoft Edge browser with advanced tab management system which lets users organise and keep aside open tabs without leaving the current tab.

Furthermore, the Windows 10 Creators Update will enable anyone to create, share and experience in 3D and mixed reality, connect people faster to those they care about most, and empower every gamer to be a broadcaster. You might not think you're at risk with your existing setup and antivirus software, but there are new vulnerabilities found in the wild nearly on a daily basis, and security needs to keep evolving at a rapid clip to keep up with the bad guys.