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Depending on the conversation, it can suggest actions such as sending stickers on your behalf, hailing a cab using services like Lyft and Uber, starting a poll for all participants in the group chat, and even initiating payment requests right within the messaging app. Users can't communicate directly with the system that powers Suggestions From M; instead, it listens in on conversations over Facebook Messenger, so long as a user hasn't opted out, and suggests actions or things to say based on cues it recognizes in the conversation. Just start a conversation and if M wants to make a suggestion the assistant's logo instantly appears. According to Facebook's press release about Suggestions From M, the AI assistant is going to be getting more new functions in the future as it learns more, is developed further, and has enough data to cover a wider variety of situations and functions. If the AI failed to order flowers or book a restaurant, a human would take over, and the machine would theoretically learn how to do the task from their actions.

The version rolled out Thursday is automated but offers limited functionality, exposing users to features within Messenger.

"We wanted to start trying to be super-helpful where [users] are, in their day-to-day conversations", Landowski told Quartz.

If you aren't interested in M monitoring your private conversations, you can mute it in settings in Messenger.

How does Facebook M work?

So, if you are talking about paying back some money to a friend, M will advice you to use its in-built payment service. They're created to be noninvasive and will only appear "if the chances are really, really high that you'd pick [the suggestion] up".

But the language used to describe the virtual personal assistant's origins has changed.

Facebook has launched its digital assistant named "M" for US users of its Messenger application, ramping up the social network's efforts in artificial intelligence.

'We are bringing the power of M's AI technology to support and enhance the Messenger experience and make it more useful, personal and seamless'. Since then a small number of users have been allowed to message M any request, which it tries to fulfill, first relying on AI to parse the question and retrieve answers it's already learned.

Can you disable Facebook M?

"The original M was a testbed for a lot of things and will continue to be a testbed", Chudnovsky said.