A 22-year-old police officer in central Oklahoma died Monday after a shootout with a man trying to escape a traffic stop in central Oklahoma, police announced.

It started around 11:30 p.m. Sunday night when the officer pulled over a vehicle near Benson Park and Gordon Cooper.

The officer used a Taser on the suspect but he was able to scramble into a wooded area.

A woman who was found with the man accused of killing a Tecumseh police officer has been arrested.

Authorities say Terney was shot several times "in the lower extremities". Terney returned fire, striking the suspect approximately four times.

According to CNN, Terney was wearing a bullet-proof vest in addition to a body-cam during the altercation.

Both wounded men were taken to OU Medical Center. The suspected gunman remained hospitalized Monday morning.

Officials and citizens kicked off an emergency blood drive in an effort to keep the officer alive.

Terney passed away after his wounds and injuries proved to much to overcome. "I've been here about 22 years, and this is our first officer-involved shooting".

Officers detained the woman who was driving so they could ask her questions about what happened. Police plan to release more information at a press conference later Monday.

Terney underwent surgery for three gunshot wounds but later died.

"Officer Terney's death is a poignant reminder of the inherent dangers associated with law enforcement", the spokesperson continued. We have officers who have "never experienced this, never been through anything like this".

Tecumseh Assistant Police Chief J.R. Kidney said Terney graduated last summer from the police academy. "We haven't had to live through this yet". The officer and the suspect later traded fire, Kidney said. He had already begun working with a dog.