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The Trump administration is signaling its readiness to put "boots on the ground" in Syria and Iraq to defeat the Islamic State and secure a stronger place for the United States in the negotiations on the future of both countries. Earlier this week, USA intelligence reported that ISIS leaders are attempting to leave the city, where there are about 4,000 ISIS terrorists. "Manbij is a city which belongs to Arabs, and the SDF must also not be in Raqqa". If the U.S.is able to capture Raqqa, it will be able to carve out a base in eastern Syria from where it can further wage its war to neo-colonize Syria.

The divisions highlight that the offensive is important not only to push ISIS out of its de facto capital but also because it threatens to inflame the complex dynamic among the groups vying for power within the Syrian civil war.

These are the facts on the ground - in part, an Obama legacy - that make the decision to commit USA combat forces in Syria one of the most complex in recent history.

The Turkish military has killed 71 militants from the Syrian Popular Defence Units (YPG) militia and the allied Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in operations in Syria over the past week.

ISIL is on the run in numerous locations, being fought by the Russian-backed Syrian military and rebel groups fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner with Turkish and Jordanian backing.

The U.S.is sending 2,500 additional forces to Kuwait to serve in a reserve capacity in the fight against the Islamic State, Army Times reports.

"The field in Syria at the moment is really very complicated", said a senior Turkish official, stressing the fast-moving nature of events and the urgent need for agreement.

A Syrian activist and political commentator believes the United Nations has always ignored Syria's complaints about Turkey's violation of its sovereignty, adding that it has also done nothing about the presence of U.S. troops in the war-torn country.

The Pentagon confirmed that the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit will join the assault on Raqqa, which is essentially the capital city of ISIS-controlled territory.

The report comes as the militants come under mounting pressure by rival US -backed and Russian-backed forces working to seize the capital, Raqqa.

Turkey will not participate in the Raqqa operation, Yildirim said, if the USA does not heed the warning that was repeated this week by several Turkish politicians here, . The added 400 troops will not count towards the USA cap in Syria because they will be on a temporary assignment of less than 120 days.

"This operation should be carried out jointly by the US and Turkey", [Turkish Prime Minister Binali] Yildirim said during a lunch with several American journalists at his office compound in Turkey's capital.

He suggested that when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has his first meeting with Trump, he would raise objections to Trump's use of phrases like "radical Islamic terrorism".

Late last month, Pentagon leaders sent a new plan on how to defeat IS to the White House, including a variety of options for the ongoing fight in Iraq and Syria.