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The pending trademarks are for Trump-branded golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real estate companies, massage parlors, and social escort and concierge services, the AP reported.

It's unclear whether President Donald Trump, who vowed not to pursue foreign business deals while in office, plans to actually partake in any of the ventures.

The trademark approvals were first reported Wednesday by The Associated Press.

China has already registered a trademark February 14 to a Trump-branded construction firm after a 10-year legal battle that ended in the president's favor after he launched his GOP campaign.

Cardin has introduced a resolution demanding Trump cut his ties with the Trump Organization or risk violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which bars public servants from accepting anything of value from foreign governments unless approved by Congress. DevOps, continuous delivery and containerisation.

Matthew Dresden, a lawyer in Seattle who specializes in Chinese intellectual property law, said it was unusuall that all the trademarks were "approved at once". The new trademarks are considered by some to be a conflict of interest, especially as three of the trademarks were specifically made under the president's name.

Feinstein called on Trump to establish far more distance from his company, and said he is "blatantly defying" a constitutional prohibition on government officials receiving financial benefits from foreign governments without Congress's consent.

"For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications - boy, it's weird", said Dan Plane, a director at the Hong Kong-based consulting firm Simone IP Services. More than 225 Trump-related marks are held or sought by others in China, for an array of things including Trump toilets, condoms, pacemakers and even a "Trump International Hotel".

"President Trump is compromising the integrity of the office of the president and it's absolutely essential that he divest or set up a blind trust of his assets in order to protect the integrity of that office", Cardin said.

In a statement on Wednesday, Alan Garten, a Trump Organization lawyer, said the company has been "actively enforcing its intellectual property rights in China for more than a decade".

Trump, who already had about 70 trademarks in China, signed over his business interests to his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr. shortly before his inauguration, BBC News noted. "When Trump is profiting from these valuable Chinese benefits flowing into him, how can we be sure he will advance USA interests in his engagements with that country, for example by staunching the flow of American jobs out from the U.S.to China?"

That being said, it would be naive to assume Trump would only register trademarks defensively in the counterfeit capital of the world and has no interest in making use of any of them in the future. "Any suggestion to the contrary demonstrates a complete disregard of the facts as well as a lack of understanding of worldwide trademark law, " he said in an email.