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Those who've seen Logan already know that the movie ends with Wolverine giving up his life to save X-23 and her friends from the prime clone of himself, X-24.

Hugh Jackman has just released a clip of him recording ADR for one of Logan's climactic action scenes, and watching the actor recreate the sounds of a melee fight scene is unlike anything I've seen before. The film also beat its predecessor, 2013's The Wolverine, which opened at $53 million.

Referencing his previous films, he added: "I didn't make Cop Land and put a post-credit scene in there". That's just a 26% drop, an incredible hold for any movie, but even more so for a horror, which usually flatline after opening weekend.

Logan's opening weekend numbers have been finalized and the last cinematic outing for Hugh Jackman as "the" Wolverine has earned $88.3 million domestically on its way to a worldwide gross of $247.3 million.

But now that the two characters are dead, where will the X-Men series head to now? Its characters might be supernatural, but they feel utterly human.

This would be a Pick-it Movie for fans of X-men and then some, it more than makes up for some of the frivolous origin stories and stand alone wolverine movies we have been feed in the past.

You don't want to mess with Hugh Jackman when he's acting out his Wolverine role.

Conventional wisdom in Hollywood has held that superhero movies should be rated PG-13 to maximize their box office by drawing teenagers. A teaser for Deadpool 2 featuring Ryan Reynolds and a sweet, sweet Stan Lee cameo was attached to public screenings of Logan, ensuring fans that there is still more to come in this insane universe. But he says he wanted to craft a film that honoured Wolverine's comic book roots.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine/Logan brought one of the most iconic superheroes on the screen come alive. "Viewed as templates for the evolution of superheroes on film, they represent where the next era of the entire genre may be heading".