He's sure the GOP leadership isn't going far enough with their plan, and I'm certain they're going way too far.

About half of Americans have medical insurance through their employers, another third are covered through government programs for senior citizens and poorer people, while the rest have been buying policies under Obamacare or are uninsured.

Can a bill that calls for subsidizing insurance via refundable tax credits, available even to those who don't pay federal income tax, make it through a Republican House and Senate, though?

He added that he was "heading to the secure location where they are keeping the House Obamacare bill", where he would "demand a copy for the American people".

In the wake of growing panic about credible threats from House and Senate conservatives to thwart plans for Obamacare "repeal-plus" legislation, the empire struck back with its own threats.

Republican leaders, however, say that the process has been extremely open, pointing to multiple meetings with Republicans allowing them to suggest ideas.

And the new plan would both eliminate Obamacare taxes, providing wealthy people with a tax break, and generate revenue "by capping the tax exemption" for insurance plans offered through a job "at the 90th percentile of current premiums". Rand Paul of Kentucky staged a protest outside, because he wants to scrap Obamacare entirely and do away with subsidies.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is planning a markup on the draft legislation next week, possibly on March 8. "We are continuing to work on drafting and refining legislative language to provide relief from a failing law".

Lawmakers have been yearning for Trump to seize the bully pulpit on this issue, particularly after they received backlash from constituents at town halls last week.

Nevertheless, Republicans and much of the media had a field day with Pelosi's quote - which is wonderfully ironic seven years later, as GOP leaders quietly push their secret health care reform proposal. "We want a complete repeal bill, and the replacement bill should be separate, because we do have differences of opinion on the replacement". Rand Paul, R-Ky., said at one room that popped up on his radar, where he then convened an impromptu news conference about legislation transparency.

But Trump's continued popularity on the right puts these conservatives in a tough spot. should the president more fully embrace the emerging House plan.

"It would also shift costs to consumers, increasing their costs by an average of $1,380 per year.The impact would be particularly severe for older people ages 55 to 64, whose costs would increase by $5,118 per year", Spiro said.

"If they're not embarrassed about the "Obamacare lite" bill they have, they should show it to us", Mr. Paul said. House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady was in the room, but the Texas Republican said the bill wasn't.