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A Jewish Community Center in Owings Mills and a Jewish day school in Annapolis received bomb threats Monday amid a rash of such incidents reported at JCCs and Jewish day schools across the country since January.

Police say officers and K-9 units checked the building and did not find any such devices.

The York Jewish Community Center had been closed and evacuated Monday morning following an "emergency situation", according to JCC spokeswoman Melissa Plotkin.

The White House yesterday condemned both the latest round of bomb threats and the recent toppling of headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. Federal, state and local authorities are investigating the incident.

At least a dozen Jewish community centers and day schools in Alabama, North Carolina, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and DE received threatening phone calls, The Huffington Post has confirmed.

It's the third bomb threat made at a Jewish institution in Maryland on Monday in a string of anti-Semitic incidents happening across the country. Bellevue police did, however, say that their bomb squad was called in to assist Mercer police and said "one could draw conclusions" for why it was called in. Only a day before, around 100 graves were damaged at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia. There were no reports of any actual bombs being found or detonated, nor of any injuries, according to Vice News. For some centers, it was the second or third time this year that they had been forced to put their threat evacuation drill into practice. "They are assaults on all New Yorkers and I vow that we will do everything in our power to catch those responsible for this wave of hate crimes".

In response to the growing number of antisemitism reports, President Donald J. Trump came out last week to condemn such threats.