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(L-R) Producer Hutch Parker, US director James Mangold, Australian actor Hugh Jackman, British-Spanish actress Dafne Keen and English actor Patrick Stewart pose on the red carpet for the premiere of the film Logan in competition at the 67th Berlinale film festival in Berlin.

Look for Matt Goldberg's review of Logan tomorrow.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is widely regarded as one of the lowpoints of comic book cinema, the movie that has overshadowed every mutant movie to follow in its wake. It also means that they pack over two hours of movie with everything they wanted to get out of their system before sending Logan off into the sunset, leaving the middle of the film dragging. This isn't the Wolverine we've seen in previous movies. "I owe my career to this character". When I began to understand some of the content of this film, I was all for it.

Logan is the movie that finally satisfies the wish fulfillment of those superhero movie conversations that that speculate on what a hard R-rated superhero movie would look like with a major established character.

The picture takes place in a grim future where most of the world's mutants have died out with no new ones being born in 25 years.

When Logan comes out, it'll be the end of an era. But when Logan shows up, the woman has been murdered and the young girl is missing.

But fans of the beloved Marvel Comics character - arguably the most lethal in all of comic-book land - will relish the sight of seeing the hot-tempered hero in his full limb-and-artery-slashing glory. When we first see Logan (also known as Wolverine, or James Howlett, or Hugh Jackman in real life), he's asleep in a vehicle, but is soon woken by a gang trying to steal the tires from his ride.

Logan continually subverts your expectations, but in its impactful ending, it still somehow feels like the only way the movie-and Wolverine's long journey-could end. Together, Jackman and Mangold appear to have made the conscious decision that since this is the last appearance of the longest tenured big screen superhero, they'd go all out. It doesn't quite hit the sweet spot of the very end of The Dark Knight Rises, but it gets the job done as a potential curtain call. Given its box office take and critical success, Deadpool proved that there's a hunger out there for superhero flicks to really shred bad guys instead of throwing them off of a building and having them land, in-tact, with a bit of blood dribbling out of their mouth.