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Mr Trump spoke for more than an hour, airing his grievances about the media, in a press conference originally meant to formally announce his new Labour Secretary nominee, Alexander Acosta.

"The press has become so dishonest, that if we don't talk about it we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people, a tremendous disservice, we have to talk about it", he said. Trump said little about Acosta - though he noted the nominee was not related to CNN's Jim Acosta. He vowed to find and prosecute "criminal" leakers.

Trump described the press as "out of control" in their reporting of his administration - which he claimed was running like a "fine-tuned machine". "I believe there are transcripts of those calls, which we should see". Chaos", he said. "Yet it is the exact opposite.

The press conference, which was nominally meant to announced Trump's pick for labor secretary, was the president's idea. He claimed reporters at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal did not reach out to him before writing certain stories. Flynn has since told the White House that sanctions may have come up.

The president pushed back on reports that Trump's campaign and associates had ties to Russia, calling "the whole Russian thing. a ruse". The president said that he would announce a "new and very comprehensive order to protect our people".

"Ask fundamental questions [in committee], have the White House give the answers and then decide where to go from there", he said. Trump said. "How do they do it?"

"Well the leaks are real", he said. Peskov echoed Zakharova's remarks and added that Putin has been patient about explaining to his counterparts that the people of Crimea asked to join Russian Federation due to their fears about the new government in Ukraine, and would keep delivering this message to the White House, too.

Trump also complained that he "inherited a mess" both at home and overseas.

Trump also complained about the tone of the media's coverage: "The tone is such hatred", he told Acosta. "I'm really not a bad person". "I don't know what's in those conversations". "I don't know anything", he said.

"I don't think he did anything wrong" in discussing sanctions with Kislyak, Trump said of Flynn.

IL senator Dick Durbin said the transcripts should be released if they do not contain compromising information. "It's the most honest". Manafort, in a statement to Bloomberg, said he "never had any connection to Putin or the Russian government- either directly or indirectly-before during or after the campaign".

Trump said he had asked the Justice Department to look into the leaks of "classified information that was given illegally" to journalists regarding the relationship between his aides and Russian Federation.

The Trump camp denies having any untoward Russian contacts. "I won with news conferences and probably speeches". It's all fake news. "Russian Federation is a ruse", Trump said, echoing an earlier assertion that the story was an attempt by Democrats to justify Hillary Clinton's election loss. "But I'm not OK when it's fake". "The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by "intelligence" like candy. How do they do it?" he asked. "You know why? Because it is a illegal process and the press should be ashamed of themselves".