Today DeVos was denied access to a Washington, D.C. school by protestors, prompting her to turn away and leave.

But the fact is, her union set up the protest of DeVos' visit to a public school - and then failed to control the protesters it recruited for the stunt.

Another protestor, chasing DeVos and a man who appeared to be her security aide, said, "She's giving money to senators and buying her way into positions - you should be so proud of yourself!".

The Washington Teachers Union, while not taking part in blocking DeVos' visit, did show their opposition to her agenda. The vote on confirmation was initially 50 to 50 but Vice President Mike Pence stepped into to cast a historic tie-breaking vote as president of the Senate. "We don't condone such acts".

UPDATE: 11:48 AM EST - The Washington Post reports DeVos did gain access to the school via another entrance. He rightly pointed out that DeVos' attitudes will be particularly hard on rural schools. In addressing the protests, she added, "I respect peaceful protest, and I will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the Department of Education".

It makes us wonder how long it will be before a DeVos visit to a school or university-pretty routine for education secretaries-is no longer a high-profile, divisive event.

DeVos has the support of pro-school choice groups because of her encouragement of charter schools and the support of parents and families having the ability to choose what schools their children could go to. "Please let her in". Collins is a senator esteemed in huge influence at the national level, and she easily could have lobbied one Senate colleague to vote against DeVos. Yet some critics (in this case, meaning people who typed words into Twitter) are questioning why DeVos' opponents, who are so vocal about her lack of experience inside schools, would think it's the right course of action to actively keep her out of one.

De Blasio said New Yorkers concerned about DeVos's impact on city schools should know that the federal government could only do so much to local control of schools. She attended a private school, and beyond mentoring in the public schools, she has never attended, taught, or sent children to public schools.