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"But actually, it won't [protect civilians], it won't", Assad said.

Regarding Trump's talks of creating safe zones in Syria to host the Syrian refugees, Assad said that such a plan is "unrealistic".

Assad stressed that when the aforementioned is achieved, then a natural safe zone - "which is our country" can be established. "Like any other country, we want to defeat and to fight the terrorists", he said.

10 de febrero de 2017, 09:41Damascus, Feb 10 (Prensa Latina) Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, stressed that the spread of terrorism has begun to decline due to the role played by Russian Federation and never by the global coalition led by the United States, in an interview with Yahoo News, released today in Damascus.

But he said the travel ban from countries known to be wracked with terrorist organisations "is an American issue" and refused to take sides.

"It is a humanitarian disaster created by the western support of those terrorists, of course, and the regional support by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia", Assad said.

"The last evidence from Amnesty International will be added to a file that will one day be opened in front of the International Criminal Court to try criminals of the Syrian war", concluded the minister. "And it's shame for such organisation to publish a report without a shred of evidence".

"We're living in a fake news era", he added.

Two of the ISIL Paris terror attack militants, Ahmad al-Mohammad, a Syrian national from Idlib, Syria, and M al-Mahmod, arrived to Europe via refugee flows it was revealed after the 2015 attack. "They don't need safe zones at all".

Earlier, the Syrian Justice Ministry had strongly dismissed the Amnesty International report as "inaccurate and politically-motivated", stressing that such a bid is meant to ruin the Syrian government's reputation in international bodies.

However, according to Assad the idea on the safe zones establishment in Syria is "unrealistic".