Out of the 151 cases of reported human trafficking, 111 were sex trafficking and 24 were labor trafficking.

"People are more and more starting to understand that labor trafficking is a large part of human trafficking", Novak said.

More than 1,000 victims who called the hotline a year ago were Latino with Asian and White the next two most common ethnicities.

Reported sex trafficking cases increased from 97 in 2015 to 111 cases past year in Arizona, while reported labor trafficking cases doubled from 12 to 24.

New numbers released this week by the human trafficking hotline show a significant jump in cases nationwide and globally previous year.

Statistics show most of the cases involve women and adults.

Findings are believed to be related to a greater awareness of trafficking issues and use of the hotlines.

Crowe said more survivors are reaching out for help, and their stories help researchers figure out how people are being recruited for human trafficking.

In 2016, 2,042 survivors in the US reached out to the hotlines for help, a 24% increase from 2015.

"A Filipino woman in her 40s held in a home as a domestic worker is very different from a Guatemalan man in his 20s picking vegetables in the U.S.is very different from an LGBTQ homeless teenager who's a USA citizen who got recruited by a pimp", Myles told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

"We know where money transfers are occurring all over the world", he said.