KXIP vs KKR Live Score

And while the Sixers' success has been mostly about "The Process", their improvement since a 4-18 start has been about more than just Joel Embiid.

IN improved to 3-18 when trailing after three quarters and 2-7 in the second game of a back to back.

He went 16-of-28 from the floor, six-of-11 from the arc and 13-of-14 from the foul line against the Sixers. If Embiid's more productive per minute, and equally as productive per game, shouldn't Embiid get the nod?

And let's also get it out of the way that Embiid's potential is astronomically, perhaps indefinably, high. They have a 111.8 offense rating on the season, but only a 109.5 rating in January.

"It's a coach's nightmare, coming out of a halftime getting our guys to jump into the game quickly, especially against a team like Houston and someone that's as risky as James is", Brown said. It's why Blake Griffin, averaging 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, won't participate. "What sword are we going to fall on?"

Take a look at what KG and Sheed had to say about the 2017 NBA All-Star snubs below. And they're expected to have Embiid back from a three-game absence against the Houston Rockets on Friday. "And you saw it".

With Embiid setting the tone, Sixers faithful remained engaged from the onset.

It's a rather unique situation for Embiid because his missed time, rather than coming all at once or the result of an injury, has instead been sporadically placed throughout the season, the result of a very timid and cautious team approach rather than something actually being wrong with Embiid. Both are having remarkable enough seasons that significant MVP-worthy stats and analytics can be used to favor either player, depending on who one likes better.

"I'm not mad", he said.

There's no denying that Embiid has the talent to play in the game but it's not his fault. Sixers fan pettiness is always best when succinctly directed at unlikely sources, and it's hard to imagine that Paul Millsap - who, of course, committed the cardinal sin of getting named to the East team over JoJo - has ever inspired this level of shallow antagonism over anything. "I think we could have done a better job, especially me, but I feel better than previous times".

In the player voting, Embiid finished eighth, while in the media voting, he finished fifth, giving Bulls forward Jimmy Butler the third frontcourt spot with LeBron James and Bucks big Giannis Antetokounmpo.