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Not only that, but according to PEOPLE, Patton also wanted the restraining order because she accuses Thicke of being physically abusive during their marriage, and feels that things could escalate to violence to her and their son if precautions aren't taken.

According to TMZ, a judge issued a temporary restraining order after Paula accused her ex husband of physically abusing her during their marriage.

Investigators cleared Thicke of any wrongdoing, it has been claimed. In her divorce documents, Paula Patton alleges that her ex Robin Thicke beat her, and even threatened to 'bash her head in!' We have all of the devastating details on the shocking report, right here.

In addition to prohibiting Robin from coming near Paula, their son or her mom ... the judge has also shut down his request for sole physical and legal custody of their son. For his part, Thicke claimed that his ex-wife was being investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services for "emotional abuse".

Over the past few weeks, the exes have been fighting over custody of their son Julian, and some dirrrty laundry is being aired in the process!

The lines are getting blurrier and blurrier in Paula Patton's court battle against Robin Thicke.

Thicke's attorney Larry Ginsberg said that there was no basis for the restraining order and that Patton had filed it as retaliation against Thicke because her request for sole custody was denied earlier this month. Thicke will not be able to the leave Los Angeles County area with his son, as he's been ruled a possible flight risk. Robin is now not allowed near his son Julian for the time being, based on a judge's ruling.

Patton also wrote that Julian's behavior changed when she asked him to tell her about the spankings.

The order, which will continue until a hearing on February 24, includes a finding that Thicke has a history of domestic violence and there is a risk he could flee with his son.

Patton claims she fell asleep, and when she woke up, she found Thicke in another room with a naked woman.

No word yet when Patton and Thicke are due back in court.