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The Virginia Zoo's missing red panda, Sunny, may still be roaming the streets of Norfolk, but she apparently has time to tweet.

Zoo are hopeful that Sunny is still somewhere on their property.

Zookeepers last saw Sunny on Monday evening. Virginia Zoo officials said that while red pandas are typically not considered to be aggressive animals, they, like any other type of wild animal, are unpredictable.

The Norfolk police department has provided a thermal camera to help in the search.

Virginia Zoo Executive Director Greg Bockheim says it's mating season for the red pandas and maybe Thomas got a bit frisky.

And in 2009 a red panda escaped from the London Zoo and was discovered on a park bench in Regent's Park in the early hours.

"Monday night it was rainy and windy", the site says.

Sunny came to the Virginia Zoo in May 2016 from Front Royal.

Red panda Thomas remains in the exhibit he shares with Sunny in the Asia - Trail of the Tiger.

Red pandas - which are native to China and the Himalayas - have been known to escape zoo enclosures in the past. Although the tips produced no results, the zoo has invited residents to search the zoo and the trees in their backyards and neighborhoods within a mile of the zoo for Sunny.

Fewer than 10,000 adult red pandas remain in the world, according to the National Zoo. Staff ask anyone who spots her to immediately call the hotline at 757-777-7899, and not try to touch, feed or capture her.