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Super UHD TV line for 2017 has three models ( SJ9500, SJ5800, and SJ8000) that revolves around Nano Cell LCD's, which guarantee more precise and reliable colors.

Nano Cell LCD displays use uniformly sized particles - approximately 1 nanometer in diameter - to create subtle, accurate colors that can be viewed from wider angles than other LCD TVs, said LG. Combining all the good top-end stuff we're already used to like Dolby Vision HDR with new "nano cell" tech that reportedly improves colour quality and viewing angles, LG's three newest Super UHD panels are the most advanced the company has produced - and promise the best ever picture quality from a LCD.

As per LG Newsroom, the smart technology prevents color bleeding, absorbs light wavelength, picture fading as well as other effects which reduce picture quality drastically, thereby providing the viewers with unbelievable color and picture quality.

LG has announced the latest additions to its SUPER UHD TV lineup.

Moving back to the Nano Cell technology, which will feature an Active HDR feature that allows HDR data to be inserted into specific areas of individual frames. LG is partnering up with Technicolor to improve accuracy.

The Nano Cell Super UHD TVs also include LG's ULTRA Luminance technology, and active HDR with Dolby Vision.

LG pointed out that where the color green on conventional TVs can blend with other color wavelengths - such as yellow or blue - causing the color to fade and take on yellowish or cyan hues, LG Nano Cell TVs reduce instances of color fading, image instability and other color degradation issues. Meanwhile, an HDR Effect feature punches up the quality of standard pictures, as Engadget reported. You can also zoom in and out using the scroll wheel. Viewers can now instantly get their most favorite services such as Netflix and Amazon by pressing the single button on the remote, taking advantage of a wide variation of entertaining 4K programming.

The new Ultra Slim design used for the Super UHD models include a crescent-shaped stand, which gives the 55-inch SJ9500 model the effect of floating in the air, LG said.

LG has managed to deliver the opening salvo in what's shaping up to be the most bitterly fought CES TV battle for years, taking a direct pop at its arch-rival, Samsung.