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Howard Zucker declared influenza prevalent in NY.

"Now that flu is officially prevalent in NY, we need to step up our defenses against this potentially life threatening illness", Zucker said.

Wisconsin health officials say flu cases are on the rise and they are urging people to take precautions like getting a flu shot.

The state requires health-care workers to wear the masks if they haven't had a flu vaccine when flu season strikes.

Health care workers who are not vaccinated against influenza must now wear surgical or procedure masks in areas where patients are typically present. So far in this "flu season", 589 illnesses have been reported, compared to 247 at this point previous year.

"The thing about flu is there really is no typical year", Broome County Health Department Communicable Disease Nurse Marianne Yourdon said.

The number of San Diegans coming down with influenza continues to be more than double the cases as of this time previous year, and an additional person has died of the illness, the county Health and Human Services Agency announced Wednesday.

Over the last three seasons, there have been 17 pediatric flu deaths in NY and an average of 9,800 flu-related hospitalizations each season.

91% of the hospitalizations are women, though officials say there is no evidence suggesting that women are more susceptible. Doctors recommended that all individuals, six months and older, get the flu vaccine each and every year.

Contact the Mesa County Health Department at 248-6900 to make an appointment. That may be true, unless you come down with the flu. Those 18 and older may also be able to get their flu vaccine at a local pharmacy.