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Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose, two former MI state emergency managers were charged for failing to protect Flint citizens from the contaminated water and the health problems that came along with it, NBC News reported.

Former Flint emergency managers Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose both face multiple charges, including false pretenses and conspiring to commit false pretenses, felonies that each carry a 20-year sentence. Johnson and Croft are facing charges of false pretenses and conspiracy to commit false pretenses. They are also charged with misdemeanor willful neglect of duty. Croft and Johnson each face a total of up to 40 years in prison. "The people of Flint need and deserve justice for what happened here and I appreciate the work Attorney General Schuette, Prosecutor David Leyton and the entire team is doing to bring justice to Flint", Weaver said in a statement emailed to reporters. However, as a bankrupt city, Flint needed the Michigan Department of Treasury's approval to get loans. Ambrose became the city's emergency manager after Earley left to oversee the Detroit Public Schools as the district's emergency manager. Many still rely on bottled water, which can be picked up free at distribution centers in Flint.

April 20: Two state officials and a local official are charged with evidence tampering and other crimes in the MI attorney general's investigation - the first to be levied in a probe that later rises to nine public officials.

"Jeff Seipenko, a special agent with the Michigan State Attorney's office, told the Detroit News that, "[Earley] knew the plant was not prepared to produce water and, nevertheless, allowed it to be provided to the public".

During a news conference, there was no allegation by Schuette that Earley and Ambrose personally gained from the bond deal or by keeping the Flint River as the source of water for Flint while the pipeline was being constructed.

In addition, the corrosion gave other bacteria - such as legionella, a cause of Legionnaires' disease - a place to flourish, and Flint had one of the nation's largest outbreaks of that disease.

"We're much closer to the end than we are to the beginning, but we're not at the end", said Arena, the lead investigator.

Meanwhile, tests show Flint's water quality is improving, although residents are urged to drink tap water only if it's first run through a filter. But the former emergency managers are the highest profile charges in the ongoing saga.

"It did not occur by accident, Flint was a casualty of arrogance, disdain, and failure of management".