"We've seen that the way people are messaging is becoming much more visual", Martinazzi notes in a new blog post. The new feature will roll out globally over the next few days. Facebook said it will make conversations "better than ever" by bringing 3D masks and special effects to conversations on Messenger. Some of these are existing assets that have been available on the Messenger platform, but many are new thanks to partnerships with various artists and influencers around the world. One tap takes a photo, while a long press records a video.

Filters and effects can be overlaid on photos after they've been shot.

The feature got mixed feedback from users as it essentially cramped the user interface with unnecessary clutter and added more overhead than necessary. It has also added several new camera-related features that make Messenger more of a hybrid between iOS 10's iMessage and Snapchat.

Facebook is introducing the changes to reflect that people are communicating more often with images than they used to.

Users will now have the ability to enhance their photos with drawing, text and exciting new art, including 3D Masks and Special Effects with new innovative technology that gives users the ability to add an artistic filter to a full-screen photo, easily allowing users to turn their world into a personalized work of art. Facebook says more than 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers, and videos are sent every day on Messenger, and the company wants to enhance the experience for its next billion users.

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, a new shutter button will be placed in the middle of the bottom tabs on the apps main menu, giving users easy and quick access to start taking photos.

Messenger is all about capturing a moment.