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The jury opted to resume deliberations on Monday.

Days after jurors told the judge they were deadlocked because a holdout juror was unwilling to convict Michael Slager, the former North Charleston officer, accused of fatally shooting Walter Scott as he sprinted away, the judge reached the conclusion that no verdict could be reached.

Slager, who is white, was caught on video shooting Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, after a traffic stop.

Given such conflicts and scheduling matters, Robbins estimated that the state won't be able to reschedule re-trial anytime soon, adding it could be next summer until the case is back on the court's calendar and ready to be presented to a new jury. "If you can't see the humanity in that, I don't know what we're talking about anymore".

"After he got away.it's been something that I didn't expect", Santana said.

On trial is Michael Slager, a 35-year-old now-fired North Charleston officer. Authorities said he sat with the black parishioners in a Bible study for an hour before opening fire and hurling racial insults.

It's the second time in recent weeks a jury has deadlocked in an officer-involved shooting.

A mistrial was declared in the case Monday when the jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict after a five-week trial.

Johnetta Elzie is a black activist who protested in Ferguson, Missouri.

Slager's wife, Jamie, cried after the jurors were dismissed.

A note Monday, however, said that "the majority" of the jurors on the panel of 11 whites and one black were still undecided. She also thanked the Scott family in court after the mistrial was announced. The jurors sent notes to the judge asking for clarifications as they deliberated. There were no outbursts in the courtroom.

Defense attorney Andy Savage presented 23 witnesses on the stand. Would we have gotten this far in this trial? "We're not happy. But we're not sad". Solicitor Scarlett Wilson explained to jurors on the first day of the trial that murder is the killing of another person with malice or aforethought. When asked by reporters afterward if he had anything to say to the Slager family, he said he felt sorry for Slager's toddler son, but that feeling was outweighed by the anguish his own family's loss, noting that Slager would be with his family for Christmas. The Scotts have been a sterling example of dignity and grace in extraordinary circumstances.

This story has been corrected to indicate that Slager faces a trial next year on criminal civil rights charges, not a civil trial. "I don't believe justice was served today".

Randall Kennedy, a black Harvard University law professor and author of several books on race relations, had difficulty reconciling the law with the mistrial, which he called "frightening".

Scott, 50, was killed in April 2015 after he was shot five times.

"Going back 18 months later and looking at everything, things could have been different", he said.

The shooting of Walter Scott attracted attention when video footage of the incident surfaced. In 2015, the number of police officers charged with murder or manslaughter was three times the decade average, but zero officers have been convicted.