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The veteran Democrat on Wednesday beat back a surprisingly strong challenge from Representative Tim Ryan of OH to win reelection as leader of the minority party in the U.S. House.

Pelosi, who became the first female House Speaker in 2007 and has been the House Democratic leader since then, has boasted she will win the votes of at least two-thirds of the caucus. "Let's get to work", Pelosi said on Twitter after winning the internal party vote 134 to 63.

I'm glad to see the banner being hoisted again, and that Nancy Pelosi is 2-0 in her Minority Leadership runs when the GOP urges her reelection to the post. Democrats gained six House seats in the election, which was less than expected.

Ryan, asked about his failed revolt, told reporters that "Leader Pelosi has been here a long time (and) has a lot of friends", but nonetheless claimed a victory of sorts.

Yet Democrats' marginalized status was evident as Ryan struggled to answer a question about who would lead the party forward, before concluding: "We're all going to participate in leading the party".

Democrats have suffered heavy losses in the House and Senate and state houses since the ascension of Nancy Pelosi to a leadership position.

Pelosi hasn't been publicly challenged since, even as disappointing elections continued for House Democrats.

The 76-year-old Pelosi has held the top slot in House Democratic leadership since 2003.

Rice wants the House Democratic leader to include more voices from more geographic and other areas of the caucus, Lamb said. The changes would bring younger Democrats into leadership positions and keep other members from remaining in the same role for too many terms.

"We're simply not resonating with the folks we should be, folks who I believe can benefit best from our policies, folks who for years understood that we stood by working people, that we stood by those things that made strong communities and invested in rural communities", Walz told Minnesota Public Radio.

Voting behind closed doors, Pelosi obtained 134 votes to 63 for Congressman Tim Ryan of OH, who mounted his candidacy for the post after the surprise presidential victory of Donald Trump on November 8. The challenge to her leadership came in the aftermath of devastating election results for Democrats.

Gallego, who is set to begin his second term in Congress in January, said the party needed to choose a better messenger of its opposition to the incoming Trump administration.

By picking Pelosi, House Democrats went with a steady leader who has held a firm grip on the caucus for more than a decade. "Millions of Americans don't feel that our party represents them anymore and they've said so, loudly, in multiple elections".