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Gamers on the lookout for new Xbox One or Xbox 360 titles can take advantage of this week's deals as well as the upcoming free games.

Best Black Friday promotions on the Microsoft Store.

Most of the deals listed below don't start until Black Friday itself; the exceptions are noted.

Walmart has the "Battlefield 1" bundle - albeit with a 500GB Xbox One S console - for $249. We kind of compiled the best Black Friday 2016 deals we can find on the web.

Fred Meyer will sell the 500 GB Xbox One S "Battlefield 1" bundle for $249 and offers a $20 gift card with that purchase. Most of the Xbox One hardware deals this Black Friday will focus on the S, but keep your eyes peeled: if you're not too bothered about the S upgrade and are waiting till next year for Project Scorpio (which should be a proper tech leap over the current machine), then there could well be some serious bargains to be had on the current super-sized black console.

Several retailers across the United States are selling 1 TB Xbox One or Xbox One S model for $50, bringing the price down to $300.

For certain Xbox One games, you can enjoy up to 50% discount this Black Friday if you are a Xbox Live Gold subscriber for the following select games among others.

Black Friday approaches, andBlack Friday can be a massively daunting prospect for any number of reasons.

And while games go on sale all the time and may well end up cheaper later in the season, there are rock-bottom prices all over the place that you can feel pretty secure with. Plus, all the new fall games are out, and you've probably already fallen behind on the latest and greatest.

In some cases, the prices you'll pay for games from the PlayStation Store are a few dollars more expensive than their retail counterparts.

From a digital perspective, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions jumped a whopping 40 percent while sales of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on the Xbox store climbed a massive 57 percent.

Just as well, Microsoft is holding an Xbox Live Black Friday sale for you Xbox One owners.

There's also plenty of other major games from this year. Recently released games such as Titanfall 2 will be up for grabs with $20 savings for a marked down price tag of $39.99. There is 50% off on selected gaming range and Xbox Consoles fan can save $50 plus $25 Gift Card and a free game of their choice on every Xbox Consoles purchase. They offer the Xbox One bundle with either Minecraft or Battlefield 1 and also a $40 gift card.