As protests of President-elect Donald Trump entered another day, police in Portland, Oregon, say one person was shot by a man who had gotten into a confrontation with a protester.

Similar protests have broken out across the country, from California to NY, condemning Trump's rhetoric against women and minorities and voicing their opposition to the election results.

"A group calling itself "#NotMyPresident" has scheduled an anti-Trump rally for Washington on Inauguration Day, when the NY real-estate developer formally succeeds President Barack Obama. Police arrested 19 people and there were a few instances of protesters assaulting others through the night.

The demonstrations in cities like Baltimore; Chicago; Kansas City, Missouri; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; New York; and Portland, Oregon, have mostly been organized on the fly by local activist groups.

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Police also said a shooting early Saturday that injured a man participating in the march did not appear to be related to the protest.

The march was peaceful, unlike the Friday night protest by 1,000 people that resulted in the arrests of 187 adults and eight juveniles, Los Angeles police said.

Trump told CBS and The Wall Street Journal he may maintain some of the program's more popular elements, such as a ban on insurance companies denying coverage because of so-called pre-existing health conditions.

Trump has sought to strike a conciliatory tone since his election sent a shockwave around the world, announcing Friday he no longer meant to completely scrap Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, Obamacare.

And thousands more marched peacefully in Chicago, walking past Trump's skyscraper which is emblazoned with his name in giant letters.

After midnight Saturday - as a protest was wrapping up in front of Los Angeles City Hall in Grand Park - things got rowdy, with reports of rocks being thrown at police officers, and police cars being spray-painted. "I think these people are, you know, kind of like professional protesters more", Giuliani told ABC's "This Week."

"Everyone needs to leave the area immediately", police said on Twitter and they asked witnesses to come forward.

"We're horrified the country has elected an incredibly unqualified, misogynist, racist on a platform that was just totally hateful", said Mary Florin-McBride, 62, a retired banker from NY who held a sign reading, "No Fascism in America".

Police briefly fired pepper balls into the crowd during the confrontation.

Police in downtown Portland, Ore., attempt to disperse people protesting the election of President-elect, Donald Trump, Friday, Nov. 11, 2016.

"I have a leader I fear for the first time in my life", said Nagel, a Bernie Sanders supporter who voted for Hillary Clinton.

About 300 people protested Trump's election as the next American president outside the U.S. Embassy near the landmark Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Delaplaine says he doesn't anticipate any violence at the Saturday protest, which he described as a "family event".